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The Vulvarium Academy was brought to life to equip you with the skills, knowledge and passion to build your vulva casting business while bringing change into the world – one vulva statue at a time. Here is what we have to offer:

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Established in 2020, Vulvarium has since been one of the loudest voices when it comes to displaying and celebrating vulva diversity. Through our experience in casting hundreds of women and people with vulvas have we gathered unique knowledge on how to provide profound vulva casting experiences and manufacture high quality statue.

We believe that the time has come to share our expertise with fierce allies, who are ready to turn their passion into a business to fully dedicate themselves to changing the world.



Through the Vulvarium academy, we want to set an international quality standard for vulva castings, characterized by two main criteria:

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Who are the courses for?

The vulva casting courses were created for people with vulvas who burn for breaking the taboo around this powerful body part and who are committed to turning their passion into a profession. The courses are designed to build the fundament for a new career as well as to widen the range of an existing service or set of skills by offering vulva castings.

Whether in cooperation with Vulvarium or fully independent: After completing the core program participants are equipped with the necessary expertise as well as the technical skills to not only perform vulva castings and create the desired change in society but to also generate a lucrative source of income for themselves.

Participants of the core program course “Version One Cooperation” can further grow their vulva casting business by becoming a Vulvarium representative, meaning that they will be allowed to perform vulva castings under the brand name Vulvarium. With the help of Vulvarium’s business experts and the use of shared branding, photography, booking and management tools as well as marketing strategies, press appearances and networking contacts, the advanced course “Vularium Representative” focuses on making the participants as successful as possible on a business level.


Core Program

The core program is the fundament of the Vulvarium Academy and consists of two course variations, which are independent of each other. Depending on the participant’s preference, one of the two versions can be chosen:



You do the vulva casting, Vulvarium makes the statue!



You do the vulva casting,
you make the statue!

Course Dates
Course Dates
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 Advanced Course 

Vulvarium Representative

Participants of the main course Version One Cooperation can further grow their vulva casting business by becoming a Vulvarium representative, meaning that they will be allowed to perform vulva castings under the brand name Vulvarium.

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Meet your instructor

Hello everyone, I’m Viki and I will be your instructor during the Vulvarium Academy courses. Over the last three years I’ve had the honour to tour dozens of European cities, casting over a thousand people’s vulvas and learning about their most intimate stories related to this body part. I have crafted almost two thousand vulva sculptures, hosted workshops, given press interviews and built an online community with over 110.000 people – all with the aim to spread vulva love and education around the globe.

Curious to find out more about me? Here is how: