Core Program

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The Vulvarium Core Program was created to share our expertise in vulva casting with fierce allies, who are ready to turn their passion into a business to fully dedicate themselves to changing the world. Are you one of them?

The core program consists of two course variations, which are independent of each other. Depending on the participant’s preference, one of the two versions can be chosen:

Version One Cooperation – You do the vulva casting, Vulvarium makes the statue!

Version Two Autonomy – You do the vulva casting,
you make the statue!

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Core Program Courses



In this course, the focus lies on the vulva casting process since Vulvarium will cover the production and shipment of the vulva statues as part of an ongoing cooperation.

+ Advanced Course

Vulvarium Representative



In this course, the participants learn the main techniques of the vulva casting process as well as the manufacture of the vulva statue. After the course, the participants can further explore their skills fully independently from Vulvarium.

Switch Me Option

The Switch Me Option is a weekend course designed for participants that have already completed a core program course and now want to switch between version one and version two. By joining the corresponding Switch Me course, the participants can catch up on the missing course contents, switching from one core program version to the other:

Switch Me – Autonomy NEW: This option is for participants who want to switch from core program version one to core program version two, changing from cooperating with Vulvarium to working independently.

Switch Me – Cooperation NEW: This option is for participants who want to switch from core program version two to core program version one, changing from working independently to cooperating with Vulvarium.

More details about the Switch Me Options are available upon request.

You need help with your decision?

Feel free to contact us if you are unsure about which route to take for your vulva casting adventure.