About me

Hello there!

My name is Viktoria Krug (she/her), mostly called Viki, and I am the person behind Vulvarium and the vulva castings. On paper, I am 30 years old and Austrian. Owning less and living more has so far been my best recipe and my glass is always half full – mostly with delicious, vegan red wine.

When I am not working for Vulvarium I am probably covered in university books and folders for my Biology and English teachers’ program. Having finished my bachelor’s degree in Biology, I decided to pass my love for languages and ecology on to the next generation. They are the decision makers of tomorrow, so I want them to make good ones for this planet and all its inhabitants.


Making a difference is not always easy, but I believe that we should at least try our best to do so. We all have different ideas, talents and contributions to make so why not find out what we are good at and how we can use that strength to empower others?

I, myself, happened to be good at vulva casting.


So here I am, arty and crafty, aligning my actions with my ideals, doing what I am good at to be part of the solution to a very real problem: The taboo, the misrepresentation, the sexualisation, the silence around the body part that brought us all into this world – the vulva.

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Curious why vulva casting is so important?


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