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We from the Vulvarium team are excited to take you behind the scenes to show you content that no one else has access to. Q&A sessions, live streams, private online hangouts and other Patreon-only events aimed to connect and build a loving community that brings change to the world.

In addition to that, we’ll spoil you with funky Vulvarium goodies and discount codes for products and vulva casting sessions.

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Why is Patreon
so important

We want to get to know you better because we believe that it takes all of us to make a change in society. With outdated community guidelines (censorship) and internet trolls, other platforms simply could not provide the safe space we want to create for you to tell us your stories, experiences and expertise – Valuable information so that we can build Vulvarium together!

For the last three years, we have been collecting content that is simply too personal for other public platforms. This includes behind-the-scenes material and experiences from us as Vulvarium as well as content from people who have come in to get their vulva cast. We can’t wait to finally show you EVERYTHING in this new space!

We are a very small company with a very big dream – to educate the world on vulva diversity so that we can all feel comfortable in our bodies. This dream can only turn into a reality when we earn enough money to keep Vulvarium alive. Working hours, rent, taxes, materials, tools, travel costs during casting tours… the list of expenses is very long and every Euro earned from our Patreons helps immensely. With your help, we will have our very first, steady income so that we can continue our mission to make this world a more vulva-friendly place.

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Here you can find more
Information about Patreon.
Here you can find more Information about Patreon.


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