Gallery & Stories

Gallery & Stories

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Have a look at the diversity displayed in this gallery.

Take your time, look at the differences as well as the similarities, re-evaluate what you consider as “normal” or “beautiful” and come to the conclusion that every single vulva is perfect just the way it is.

Along with these images you will find some personal stories of the people displayed in the photos. Experiences, feelings, thoughts- words they wanted to share with you. They are all different, they are all powerful and their message is clear:

Whatever your experiences with your vulva are like – you are not alone!


There are thousands of women and people with vulvas out there who feel, have felt, or might in the future feel just like you do right now and your experience is normal and worthy of being talked about.

Only through dialog can old taboos be broken and a new norms created so that one day we can live in a society that accepts woman and people with vulvas as they are- and not as they want them to be.


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