Values &
Quality Standards


The following values build the foundation for how we as Vulvarium conduct our vulva casting sessions, share our expertise within the Vulvarium academy and engage in education on vulva-related topics both online and in person.

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Everything is completely anonymous.

No names are ever mentioned together with the vulva statues.

During the casting process, no photos or videos are taken by us. We use privacy forms that explicitly ask for your permission regarding photos of the finished statues or secondary copies for educational purposes and you can follow your gut about what feels right for you.

Throughout the working process, a numbering system is used so that even Vulvarium’s team members work on anonymized statues.

When recounting stories to empower and inspire, anonymized narratives are used.

We don’t sexualize the vulva statues.

Gone are the days when our bodies are sexualized 24/7, at least as long as we as Vulvarium have a say in it.

We maintain a zero-tolerance policy regarding any sexualization of the statues displayed through us, proactively restricting anything that may suggest such interpretations. Whether it is a comment on social media or a publication through a third party: No sexualization, only education and celebration!

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Inclusion is key & everyone with a vulva is welcome.

Regardless of age, body weight, gender identity, medical conditions, cultural or social differences, etc. – The casting sessions are a safe space in which everyone is included and respected in being their authentic self.

This also means that we keep our language inclusive, using gender-neutral terms and offering workshops for a broad spectrum of people.

To ensure inclusivity within our vulva gallery, we proactively encourage underrepresented groups of people to take part in free casting sessions. In 2024 for example, the focus is set on casting and accompanying pregnancies as well as trans people during their transition.

Compassion and consent lead the way.

Every person that comes in for a vulva casting brings along different emotions and experiences and it is very important to make everyone feel seen, respected and safe.

Joy, pleasure, knowledge, celebration, anger, shame, pain, fear – We hold the space, listen attentively and react accordingly to whatever surfaces within this vulnerable and powerful setting. We approach everyone non-judgementally, with empathy and sensitivity towards boundaries and needs to turn the vulva casting session into an empowering and inspiring experience.

This also extends to how we as Vulvarium engage with our social media community, business partners and the press.

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We are all about expertise and professionalism in our craft.

We care a lot. This is why we know a lot.

Having dedicated years to perfecting our casting techniques, testing countless materials and tools as well as gaining a lot of expert knowledge on topics related to vulvas, we uphold a very high standard for our work quality.

We are professional when it comes to our craft as well as in our external communication and we expect the same from participants of the Vulvarium Academy or business partners.

Vulvarium Quality Standards

We from Vulvarium care about quality. Therefore we have defined the following standards, which build the fundament of our work, as well as the work of our cooperation partners and representatives.

The vulva casting sessions offered through Vulvarium are conducted by professional, compassionate and knowledgeable vulva casters. Vulvarium’s key values serve as the foundation for every casting experience and a failure to comply with these will result in the immediate termination of the cooperation or representation.

For the creation of the molds during vulva casting sessions, only high-quality and skin-friendly silicones and alginates are used by Vulvarium and their partners and representatives.

Vulvarium’s silicone and alginate molds meet the following quality standards:

  • No air bubbles in the mold
  • Ideal proportions between the vulva, thighs and butt
  • Inner labia positioned according to the client’s preference
  • Durable and stable shell made from plaster bandages
  • Anonymized reference number for the client on the shell

To produce Vulvarium’s vulva statues, high-quality raw materials and tools are used. The manufacture of the statues is carried out exclusively by trained and experienced Vulvarium team members. For privacy reasons, all statues are anonymized through a numbering system and photos or videos are only taken of statues whose owners have provided written agreement on the consent form.

The Vulvarium vulva sculptures stand out for their quality based on the following criteria:

  • Filling and removal of plaster air bubbles
  • Fine, uniform polishing with smooth edges
  • Ideal proportions between vulva, thighs, and butt
  • Stability and durability
  • Excellent priming and painting in the client’s chosen colour

Vulvarium consists of an international and gender-inclusive team of individuals working together towards a common goal – a world where diversity is the norm and education around vulva-related topics is freely accessible to everyone.

Fair compensation and pleasant working conditions are standard. Put into practice, this translates to flexible working hours for a good work-life balance, regular team meetings and get-togethers, a say in entrepreneurial decisions as well as special conditions for workshops and product purchases (both from Vulvarium and third parties).

In addition to that, team members can join during vulva casting tours, having their travel and accommodation expenses covered by Vulvarium.

All materials used during the vulva casting process have been tested for skin compatibility. Both the silicones and alginates used are sourced from experienced manufacturers. Technical safety data sheets are available for all products and can be provided upon request for partners. Storage conditions and expiration dates are strictly adhered to and monitored through regular inventory checks.

Most of the products and tools used in the statue-making process are purchased from regional artist supply stores to support local businesses.

To choose the most suitable and sustainable products, Vulvarium works together with numerous external consultants. Additionally, new alternatives to existing products are tested regularly to maintain the quality at the highest level while still keeping the ecological footprint in mind.

Together with the INW (Institut für nachhaltiges Wirtschaften Graz), a research institution focusing on sustainability for businesses, Vulvarium continually works to improve its ecological goals. Experienced partners such as Himal Hemp, a local company known for fair trade and sustainable product innovation, support Vulvarium in these endeavors.

Viktoria Krug, founder of Vulvarium, as well as a majority of the Vulvarium team, have been living a vegan lifestyle for many years. Therefore, it is essential for Vulvarium to actively incorporate these values into the company. Raw materials necessary for creating vulva molds and statues are selected according to vegan standards to the best of their ability. Additionally, during vulva casting tours and the Vulvarium academy courses, clients and participants are exclusively provided with vegan snacks and drinks.

Why Turning Vulvas into Statues

We believe that every person should get their vulva turned into a statue. Here is why: