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“Due to the exclusivity of this course, we only select the most suitable candidates out of all registered applicants. Here is what you need to know”

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General Information

Due to the exclusivity of this course, we only select the most suitable candidates out of everyone who registers. This means, that a small application in the form of a video introduction needs to be recorded and sent to Vulvarium.

Our choice will be based on the applicant’s motivation, values and future business plans as well as the availability of course spots. The production quality of the video itself will not influence the decision-making, so a simple phone video in selfie mode works perfectly fine.

Please upload your video below. It can be taken in German, English or Spanish language. You will immediately receive a confirmation of receipt and we will let you know the result of your application within 14 days.

Introduction Video

Please introduce yourself in a short 3-4 minute video, covering the following aspects about yourself:

  • Name, pronouns, hometown and country
  • Educational background and current job
  • Motivation behind becoming a vulva caster
  • Aims and plans for the future as a vulva caster
  • Preferred course dates (summer or winter slot)
  • Course language preference
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 Advanced Course – optional  

Vulvarium Representative

Participants of the main course Version One Cooperation can further grow their vulva casting business by becoming a Vulvarium representative, meaning that they will be allowed to perform vulva castings under the brand name Vulvarium.